Street Team

Become a Shell’s Sexy Siren!

sexy sirens

The Shell’s Sexy Sirens Street Team is a special and exclusive group of readers and bloggers who support me and my work!

What is a Street Team? A Street team is a very special group of people near and dear to an author’s heart. They are the ones who like a book or series so much that they go above and beyond to promote my name and work. They are also the ones who get exclusive goodies and sneak peaks at my work before anyone else.

As a Shell’s Sexy Siren, you’ll have the opportunity to:Exclusive content such as excerpts, deleted scenes, teasers, and fist chapters!

  • ARC’s of each new title before the bloggers and readers get it!
  • An invite to C.Shell’s special Facebook group specifically for my Sexy Sirens to chat with me and other Sexy Sirens
  • SWAG! Bookmarks, t-shirts, and other goodies!
  • Signed Books when available


Here are a few things you can do as a member of my street team.  You don’t have to do everything, but whatever you can do to help spread the word about me and my books is much appreciated.  No matter what, I want you all to have fun!!

In Person

  • Talk the books up with friends and family
  • Show off your SWAG with pride!


  • Feature any of C. Shell’s interviews, reviews, excerpts, covers, or video trailers via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Leave an honest review of my books on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and any other book retail market.
  • Recommend and add C. Shell’s books on Goodreads and please leave me an honest review.
  • share your favorite quotes, dream cast, etc. on social media sites
  • like 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads

Anything you can do is appreciated and welcomed.

If you’d like to join my C. Shell’s Sexy Siren’s Street Team, click HERE!



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