Beta Readers Needed

Beta Readers needed for my first book in the Yours Series called Anonymously Yours. I have recently updated and lengthened it, and now I need a good set of Beta Readers to read through it and let me know of any issues, misspellings, and grammar mistakes you find. If interested please email me back and I will send you a copy.

anonymously yours book cover

Kelly Dawson has had enough of living a mundane life. With her bags packed and her head held high, she leaves her boyfriend of seven years in search of passion, fireworks, and the big O her friends always gush about.

Her plan for letting loose and living large doesn’t go as planned. Work takes a prominent role in her life and dating is harder than she expected. Everything is looking a little glum until she meets him. Daemon Scott makes her body sing in ways she never thought possible. He also has a knack for turning her life upside down, challenging her, and driving her to say and do things she swore she never would. Between the sheets he is a glorified God, but in the light of day he is a living nightmare.

Daemon Scott is a self-made man who doesn’t take shit from anyone. With a deadly combination of good looks, money, and power brings an abundance of willing women happy to accept the rich playboy anyway they can get him. All that comes to a screeching stop when he meets Kelly Dawson. The saucy, beautiful, red haired vixen is his newly hired interior designer and the bane of his existence. Her defiant manner drives him crazy, causing him to lose sleep, curse more, and break his own rules.

You can’t mess with a powerful man without having to deal with your fair share of lies, deceit, and corruption, and Daemon Scott has that in spades. Join this couple as they battle it out in and out of the bedroom all the while searching for their happily ever after.

This is a series filled with sex, orgasms, and foul language. You’ve been warned. Second book coming soon


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