Sneak Peak at Weak Link

While everyone is awaiting for the third book in the CW Series to come out, I thought you might like to read a little of my newest Standalone book Weak Link. It is a work in progress and you can keep up with its progress on Wattpad.

weak link cover

Chapter One

“A penny for your thoughts.”

A sigh slips my lips. Spread out on my bed, I turn my head as I gaze over at David, my best friend and occasional late-night hook-up. We’ve only fallen into the latter category a handful times and most of them where after drinking more than our share of tequila. David was my first in every way.

After my mom fell ill, most of my spare-time was spent in and out of doctor’s offices, and when things got worse, the hospital became my second home. Kids at school didn’t understand how to handle all my drama, which made dating almost nonexistent. David looked beyond my troubles and saw the real me. When the world is falling apart around me he always knows what to say to bring a smile to my face.

You might be thinking that we have an unusual relationship.  You wouldn’t be wrong. Our closeness has never gotten in the way of our friendship. We are friends first. Besides, our hookups are about sexual release and not that nasty L word that gets thrown around too much by horny teenagers looking for a booty call. Both of us have had other relationships over the years and seeing David out with another girl doesn’t turn me into a green monster.  A real between us would ruin what we have. He’s my rock and my sanity all rolled into one.

I pluck at the pink carnation I collected from one of the arrangements at the funeral. My mom hated roses, but she could never turn down a carnation. She claimed they were special because they were resilient, could be created in any color, and were constantly discounted. Sadness clutches at my chest making each breath I take that much harsher.

“I miss her,” I admit. “All those months I’ve had to prepare for her death did nothing to dampen the pain of losing her.”

The feel of his hand wrapping around mine grounds me and works at putting a stop to the waterfall of tears coursing down my face. I’m a mess, but I don’t care. I have everything I need in this room and I don’t plan on leaving it until I’m forced to.

For the last year my mom has been fighting ovarian cancer. She was already at stage four when they discovered it. No time was spared. Her doctor immediately pumped harsh chemicals and toxins into her frail body in an attempt to fight it off.

The word cure was never uttered, but her doctors promised to do their best to prolong her life. They spoke in terms of months instead of years, something that made no sense to me at the time. With no other family to turn to, my mom and I hoped for the best.

The treatment wasn’t working, it only made her weaker, turning her once beautiful face ashy and thin while destroying her glossy black stands of hair. Three months later and she’s gone, leaving me with a mountain of debt, a man claiming to be my father, and a hole in my heart the size of Texas.

“How long until your dad arrives?”

“Father,” I correct, my harsh tone echoing in the quiet room. “A dad is someone who raises you, cares for you, and is a constant in your life. Nathan is nothing but a sperm donor with a birth certificate linking us together.”

David releases a hard sigh. “Fine. When will your father arrive to take you back with him? I don’t want to waste any time we have left together.”

My eyes skirt around my empty room, landing heavily on the pile of boxes in the corner that contain everything I have accumulated in my short nineteen years A of life. “He will be here with a moving van tomorrow morning at 8:00 sharp.”

“I’m happy for you Chloe. You deserve a fresh start and a stable home for once. Your mom was great but with her sick, you’ve been taking care of yourself for far too long.”

“But?” I prompt hearing the unsaid word it in his tone.

“But…I would be lying if I said I didn’t want you to go. You’re my best friend. What am I going do without you around?”

“Yeah.” My gaze lowers, matching my voice. “It will be weird not having your hairy butt barging into my room waking me up at ungodly hours,” I tease. Mornings are not my cup of tea. On several occasions David has come over to wake me up so I won’t be late to school. I haven’t found an alarm clock loud enough to rouse me.

“No one said being your friend is easy.” His laugh is light, and it helps ease the tension building in my chest. Leaning up on his elbows he tilts his head to the side and a wicked grin tugs at his lips. “Speaking of which, are you still up on making our last night together count?”

My eyes rake down his toned body and a slow shiver creeps down my spine. Tonight, won’t be our usual drunk and fumble roll in the hay, but one we’ll both remember with clarity when the sun comes rolling up. We’re using our bodies to express our deep feelings and the words our mouths refuse to utter. Goodbye is a filthy word. After my mom’s funeral I refuse to say it to another person I love. I won’t do it. I’ve lost too much to admit that I may never see David again. I will hang onto hope because it’s all I have left.

With those thoughts in mind, I push up onto my knees so that we are on the same level. Gripping the bottom of my shirt, I yank it over my head and fling it across the wood floor. My skin tingles with nerves as I watch him mimic my movements, each of us continuing until we’re both naked as the day we were born.

It’s always a little weird being with David this way. On one hand, he’s my very best friend. I wouldn’t have made it through these past few years without him by my side. On the other hand, we’ve crossed this line too many times to pretend that it never happened. It’s a big clusterfuck that always leaves me flustered and confused.

David reaches out to caress my breast, and before he makes contact, I find myself pulling back. “You’ve got a condom, right?”

Not the most romantic words I’ve ever spoken, but if my mom ever taught me anything, it was that contraception was a must. Some lessons stick with you and her making me sit still for two hours while she fumbled through a very disturbing lesson on the birds and the bees is something I will never forget. No amount of therapy will erase those images.

“Yes, Chloe. I put a new one in my wallet before coming here.”

“Awfully sure of yourself, aren’t-” My gaze collides with his and the words die on my tongue. He is looking at me with an intensity and love that makes my heart feel like it’s made of lead.

I love David, but not in the same way that he loves me. Normally, I would bring up the elephant in the room and point out why us hooking up isn’t a good idea. This is my last night here so, no matter what feelings he might harbor for me, it won’t matter after tonight. Nothing will.

Tonight, is all we have, so I shut-down my mind and press my body against his, relishing in the fact that no matter what Nathan and his family throw at me, they will never be able to take this away from me.

Fuck life

Fuck cancer

And fuck my new made-to-order family.



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