It’s my Birthday – My gift to you: First Chapter of Only Yours (Yours #2)

Its’s my Birthday today and I want to celebrate it by giving my awesome fans a treat.

Here is the first chapter of Only Yours, the second book in the Yours Series. Happy Reading!


Chapter 1


It’s official. I no longer like the fairy-tale story of Cinderella and her fucking Prince Charming.

That story needs major editing and a warning label added to it, saying,” Prince Charming is only a fictional character and does not in any way portray the way a real man behaves or responds to a woman. Real men suck! They will stomp on your heart and use you until you break or just give up.”

Yep, that should do the trick to scare every little girl into thinking twice before believing in such things as happily ever after. I learned the hard way that that does not really exist.

Curling myself into a tight ball on the couch, I ignore the consistent ringing of my cell phone, and down the last few drops of wine from my glass. I am not sure how many glasses I have had since I made it home over an hour ago, but my heavy limbs and blurry vision, is a good indicator that I am pushing past my normal limit.  Go me!

I should slow down, but I’m not going to. The hurt from all his lies are still too raw. Right now I want nothing more than to feel numb. I need for the pain and hurt to melt away. At least for a few hours.

Reaching for the open wine bottle sitting on my coffee table, I refill my glass, turn on my iPod, and hit the silent button on my cell phone. I will deal with the world later. Right now I just need to be alone. As if readying my thoughts, Dimples, my kitten Daemon recently gave me, rubs up against my hand, reminding me that she is near, and that I am not completely alone. I pull her close and nuzzle my face against her soft white fur. I smile, enjoying the rhythmic sound of her deep happy purr. I used to be afraid of living my life alone with only a cat as company. Not anymore. Maybe I should just swear off stupid men altogether, get several more cats, and embrace becoming the local cat lady. I drunkenly giggle liking that idea.

Pulling the soft chenille throw off the couch, I cuddle down into it, and drift away to the land of too drunk to care while listening to the sound of Taylor Swift singing Cold as You.

This song is good. It should be my theme song!

One song drifts into another just like my glasses of wine. I am floating on a cloud of, I-don’t-give-a-fuck-anymore, until it is rudely interrupted by loud, frantic pounding. The noise is causing my head throb. I sit up, wincing at the sudden movement, and glance around the room.  It takes a moment for my clouded, heavy mind to shift into gear, but I finally manage to figure out what is going on. Someone is beating the hell out of my front door.

Can’t people understand that I want to be left alone? Tonight sucked! Not only was my heart ripped out, but I was humiliated as well. I felt like a complete dumb ass in front of the one person I look up to. I dread having to face Cherie on Monday morning.

“For all that is holy, will you just go away and leave me the hell alone?” I shout towards the door, hoping it will grant my wish. My words come out slurred, but they are clear enough for whoever is on the other side of that damn doo,r to know that I am not in the mood for company.

“Hun, please open the door. Tony and I are worried about you.” I smile hearing Sasha’s voice. My sweet, hell on wheels, best friend Sasha.

Realizing my two best friends left the party to come and check on me, sends me into another fit of tears. I didn’t even realize, until tonight, that a person was capable of crying as much as I have. Tears should come with a limit.

Unwrapping my limbs from the soft throw, I half-walk, half-sway to the door and peer through the small peep hole to make sure that Daemon is not with them before unlocking it and let them in. It is not that I don’t trust my friends, I do, but I also know Daemon and how persistent he can be. He has already proven that he is not above dirty tricks and lies, so using my friends to get access to me, sounds like something he would do.

The moment Sasha and Tony enter my home they immediately pull me into their embrace. We all three stand together in my entry way hugging and crying. I don’t know what I would do without these two knuckleheads. No matter what happens in my life they are always there to pick me up and dust me off.

“So who told you?” I ask, embarrassment tinting my cheeks that someone is already talking about what is definitely the worst night of my life.

I swear if anyone from work finds out, I might as well pack up my shit, and look for a new job. Sleeping with a client is bad, but being hired because of that same client, that will no doubt shift me down into the same slutty ranks as my secretary Charity. You can’t get much lower than that.

“Daemon came over to us in a panic looking for you. He thought we might have already spoken to you, but since you stubbornly refused all of our calls, we had no idea what happened.  He filled us in.  He and Trey had several heated words that ended with Trey decking him in the jaw,” she says smiling. “I don’t think I have ever seen Trey that pissed off. It was kind of hot seeing him turn all macho and demanding.” she smirks.

I silently take in her accounts of what happened after I left.  I give her a nervous glance, worried now that Daemon will follow in her footsteps, and come after me as well. As much as I want to hate him right now, I can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I totally want to kick him in the balls. He needs to suffer as much as I am. Maybe I am in shock and need time to absorb everything or maybe I’m screwed. Maybe I really do love him.

“Don’t worry,” Tony says quickly, noticing my wide eyes. “Trey swore to keep him busy… at least for tonight,” he adds with a grimace. “I can’t say how long he will be able to hold Daemon off, but I promise that as long as we are here, you can relax.”

Gripping my hand, Tony and Sasha pull me from of the entry way and back towards the living room. My embarrassment goes up several notches as I take in the plethora of empty wine bottles lining my coffee table, used tissues blanketing the floor, and the depressing music blasting from my IPod. My poor living room looks like something you would expect to find after a teenager lost her first crush instead of a grown woman losing a man she knew for only a few weeks.

“Umm…,” I begin, not exactly sure else what to say. I know there are healthier ways to handle my pain that don’t include food and wine. I just want to drown out the world around me for a while, otherwise my mind will go crazy questioning every choice I have made in the last month. All those questions will still be around in a day or so, and once I am stronger and more level headed, I will face them.

“Oh, baby girl,” Sasha whispers pulling me to her side as she takes in the scene around us. “I swear I could kill the bastard for doing this to you.”

“How much have you had to drink tonight?” Tony asks on a nervous laugh.

“A few,” I sigh. “I think I still have one bottle of wine left in the kitchen if you two would like to join me.”

“I think you’ve had enough for tonight. Toby glances at me with sad eyes. “You are sure to feel like hell in the morning, sweets. I am going to go get you some water to drink while Sasha cleans this up. You sit and relax. We’ll all talk once I get back.”

I nod absently, knowing it would do no good to defy him. He is hopeless once he gets into his big brother mode.

Between my puffy eyes, frayed nerves, and lack of sleep, I know I must look quite a fright. Excusing myself for a moment I make a trip to the bathroom. The harsh bright light stabs at my sensitive eyes making we wince as my hand shoots up to cover them.

Splashing cool water over my face, I reach for a hand towel and do my best to wipe off the remnants of what is left of my make-up. As I stare at my reflection in the mirror I feel the tears well back up. You would never know that the woman staring back at me was the same person who only hours earlier was immensely happy.

Shutting off the light, I leave and follow the sounds of laughter. I smile at what I find.  Sasha and Tony are curled up together in my bed, with an array of snacks sprawled out around them, while watching the movie Dumb and Dumber.  Not wanting to be left out, I craw up onto the bed, maneuver around a bag of Cheetos and bowl of M&M’s, and slide in between my two buddies. I pull the covers up around my legs while Tony props two pillows up behind my back.

“And why are we watching Dumb and Dumber?” I ask with raised brows.

“Tony chose it,” Sasha says around a mouth full of gummy bears. “He thought we needed a good laugh to end the night with.”

“Thanks Tony,” I say reaching over and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Why can’t all men be as wonderful as you?” I ask honestly.

“Because if they were than I would not have the chance to swoop in and show off my mad skills, sweetie,” he smirks.

“Oh, Tony,” Sasha groans. “You give yourself way too much credit. If I remember right, it was you that left poor Daisy Sherman at the high school tenth grade dance to go hook up with Tiffany Henderson in her dad’s car. That poor girl spent over an hour looking for you before she figured out that you already left.”

“Oh my God,” I laugh. “I forgot all about that.” I give Tony a mock scowl, not able to truly be mad at him. The cheeky bastard winks back at me. “Poor Daisy,” I muse.

“I was a stupid horny teenager back then and Tiffany Henderson was wagging her large D size tits in my face like they were candy. How could I say no to that?” He says smiling big. “Anyways, I have grown up since then. I mean who needs more than a handful, right?”

“You are such a pig,” Sasha shrieks, throwing a pillow and nailing him right on the head.

Before he has a chance to retaliate and start an all out pillow fight war, I jump up. Playing peacemaker is what I do best. Situating myself between the two of them, I place my hands up to try and hold them both back. If I hadn’t already drank so much tonight, it might have worked that way, but instead I end up falling over, and use my already outstretched hands to grab at their clothing and try to steady myself.

“Enough you two,” I yell louder than needed. “Keep it up and I will put you both in the corner and keep all the gummy bears to myself.”

They both look at me as if I have lost my mind. After the crazy night I’ve had, maybe I have. After several long beats of silence they both agree to behave and we all climb back into our previous positions. Dimples even jumps up onto the bed and joins us. She bats around at Tony’s legs under the covers for a while, leaving tiny scratches in her wake, before finally settling down. We finish watching the rest of the movie, snuggling too close, and laughing so hard that my sides hurt. My friends are the best. Once more, they came to my rescue and knew exactly what I needed.

As the movie comes to an end, we grudgingly begin cleaning the clutter surrounding us. At our age you would think we wouldn’t make such a mess, but no, my bed is sadly covered in an assortment of gummy bears, crushed Doritos, and smooshed multi-colored M&M’s. I thought they would leave once the movie was over, but they don’t. Instead they both climb into my bed, one on each side, and curl up against me.

“Nobody told me we were having a slumber party,” I murmur against my pillow.

“It’s been too long since we’ve had one,” Sasha says, sleep coating her words. Gripping my hand, she holds it tightly between our bodies. Before I can respond, Tony reaches around my waist and lays his hand on top of ours. I glance at our lump of entwined fingers and a few more tears slip out.

“Thanks guys. I love you more than peanut butter,” I whisper.

“I love you two more than ice cream,” Sasha replies.

“I can top that,” Toby smirks. “I love you both more than a banana split covered in three scoops of sherbet ice cream and a mountain of M&M’s.”

We all giggle, sounding more like teenagers, instead of grown adults. It’s better to be silly than sad. I don’t know what I would do without my two crazy friends. Knowing that I am not alone makes my pain bearable and gives me some hope that I can survive whatever Daemon throws my way.



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