Question: Spin off Series ??

I have been asked by a few fans if I will be doing a spin off series about Jane. I had not planned on doing one but the idea intrigues me. So my question to you is this:

Would you be interested in reading a spin off series about Jane and Hunter??  Please be completely honest….

Thanks and happy reading 🙂

C. Shell


29 thoughts on “Question: Spin off Series ??

  1. I would love a spin book with Jane and Hunter. I’d like to know the story behind Jane and that bozo David. Either way, love your books!

  2. I need to have a story about Jane and Hunter. There was too much chemistry between them for it to go ignored! Plus I would love Jax to meet his ‘one’!

    But, for the sake of my sanity could you PLEASE release the third instalment of Alex and Jess? The wait is killing me!

  3. I think it would be a very good idea ! On a side note : I am not sure what is in store for the the continuation of Alex and Jess (It is killing me who has her ) but it would be interesting if Jane and the 1/2 brother had something : )

      1. I wouldn’t mind hearing how David would feel about all this as long as he didn’t get Jane in the end. He is NOT worthy of Jane. With that being said Hunter or the 1/2 brother will make a better choice, but I REALLY like the thought of Hunter.

  4. I think it would be great but I think the story needs to about the characters as well as their potential romance. We really never got to really know Alex and Jess and what makes them who they are, maybe this will happen in number 3. Cant wait!

  5. I would love a story about Jane and hunter although I agree we need the step brother in the mix. How soon before we get the next installment of Alex and Jess… I am waiting in suspense!!!

      1. Sorry. My books are all ebooks. Once the final installment to the Harlow Series is published I will be publishing a completed series book including all 3 books into one.

  6. Would like something about both Jane & Jax. Cant wait till completing him is out. I am not very patient. LOL.

  7. Yes, I would love to see a spin off on Jane & Hunter and we can find out what David’s problem is. Can’t wait to read Book 3.

      1. Just checked again and they said within a few hours it should be ready. Heard that before so not sure what to believe. It is on smash words though. Glad you like the books!!

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