Embracing Him ( Harlow Series #2 )

My second book in the Harlow Series Trilogy Embracing Him will be available this Saturday April 6th. 

embracing him

Trying to deal with finding out about Alex’s secret married to Lexy and the realization that she has fallen in love with him, Jessica throws herself into her work and goes out of her way to avoid him which turns out to be harder than she ever imagined.

Determined not to let Jessica out of his life. Alex pulls out all the stops and manipulates events in Jessica’s life to keep her close. Just when things are looking up for the two of them and she starts to trust him again someone unexpected comes back into Jessica’s life causing problems and putting her in harms way.

Will Jessica and Alex be able to put the past behind them and move forward or will the past continue to repeat itself and tear them apart?



34 thoughts on “Embracing Him ( Harlow Series #2 )

    1. The book is available on Smashwords right now and I have uploaded it to Amazon but they still have it in review and it should be available by Saturday afternoon. Sorry for the delay.

  1. Amazon has been having major issues for the past month! Not your fault at all! I will buy it as soon it comes up on Amazon.

  2. It’s not available to purchase yet on Amazon. I see the book but you can’t purchase it. What’s going on…I’m trying to get it on my kindle so I can read it on the airplane this afternoon.

    1. I have contacted Amazon and asked what is going on with their system today and they just made it go live and it and it would be available for purchase at any moment now. Sorry, Never had this issue with them before 😦

  3. Man, Amazon foils another release! This happened to Abbi Glines back in February and it took 48 hours for Amazon to get it together. Hope they get the problem solved soon! I want to end the day with this book!

    1. I really hope so. I have emailed and called Amazon all day letting them know how unhappy I am. I have seen this happen to other writers but this is the first time it has ever happened to me and I am at a loss. They said they would reload it to clear out the problem. Sorry for the delay

    1. I hope so. Smashwords has it for sale and and due to the glitch in the system with Amazon it has been re-uploaded and we are just now waiting to see if the glitch is fixed. I will post again when Amazon has it working.

    1. It has been sent to Barnes and noble and iTunes . I am expecting it to be available by next Tuesday April 16th. If it comes available before then I will notify you. Sorry but for whatever reason they take longer to post the ebooks once they receive them than Amazon.

    1. I am not sure why it is not available through them yet. It has already been sent to them. I have emailed them about it but have not heard a response yet. I will keep you updated.

    1. Barnes and Noble has had the book in their possession for a while now. I have contacted them again and they said they are processing it and it should be available within 24 hours.

  4. I’m a fan!!!! I cannot wait for the third book! Please tell me, when can I expect it?? I am on the edge of my seat!! lol

  5. I know you’ve only realised the second book but how long do I have to wait for the third hate waiting lol x

  6. ok so we are waiting until the 20th for the release of completing him not the 15th is that correct. i cannot wait to see what happens.

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